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Our first online interclub event!

I've sent the DPIs to Earl Shilton for our first online inter club.

Just in case you are curious the images submitted are:

  1. And in the End by David G

  2. Curvy Stairs by Roger J

  3. Got Air by Chris D

  4. Haw Frost by Roger J

  5. Mountain Hut by Martyn

  6. Old Man by David G

  7. Ryde Pier by Graham

  8. Shambles at Night by Ray

  9. Sywell Hangar by Ray

  10. The Embrace by Ann

  11. The Need For Speed by John S

  12. Vintage Racer by Graham

In the past we have been able to just about hold our own on the physical print side but lost out on the DPIs so the omens might not be so good but who knows how things will pan out in these strange times.

If you want to attend the virtual meeting (11th Nov '20) you will need to make sure that we have your email address as we understand that this has to be registered with the hosting club or you be able to gain access.

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