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Program 2023-2024 

Preliminary programme 2023/24 Season - subject to review & revision


11th Put up Atkins ` Post Box ` display
22nd Enrolment/meet and greet new & returning members. 

         Question time. Competition rules etc. Explained
29th First round Open DPI competition.


  6th Digital processing - tuition
13th First round Open Print competition
        Take down Atkins `Post Box ` display
20th Members `OLD` slides evening
27th First round Subject DPI competition --- REFLECTIONS



3rd Members Presentation (to be arranged)
10th Second round Open DPI competition
17th Hinckley Fair Photographic Evening
24th Practical evening -- LOW KEY IMAGES




 1st Second round Open print competition
8th Tryptic print evening
15th Christmas Social Evening
22nd No Meeting
29th No Meeting


 5th Second round subject DPI competition ---- SHAPES & SHADOWS
12th Digital processing- tuition
19th Third round Open DPI competition
26th Practical evening ---- HIGH KEY IMAGES



2nd Do you know Hinckley --- DPI evening
9th Third round Open printcompetition 
16th Practical evening HIGH KEY images
23rd Guest Speaker (to be arranged)



 1st Bring in Exhibition prints
8th Third round Subject DPI competition -----CLOSE UPS
15th YouTube evening
         Set up Annual Exhibition @ Atkins Gallery
22nd Members presentation (to be arranged)



2nd Take down Annual Exhibition prints - Atkins Gallery
6th Collect Exhibition prints
13th AGM

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